The Middle East North Africa
Internet Resource Guide


This guide was created by Professor Joseph W. Roberts but was no longer maintained.  Feeling that it would provide valuable resources to visitors who are interested in the subject, it is not updated and maintained by Samuel Chong of Pasadena City College, in order to serve the needs of scholars, students, and interested individuals in finding and using internet resources dealing with the Middle East. In this document the Middle East is defined as broadly as possible. It includes: The region is defined in this way because of the belief that the interaction between cultures in this broadly defined region is partially responsible for the diffusion of many social, political, cultural and linguistic traits. Many disagree with the inclusion of one state or another but will stand by my reading of history.


Nations and States:
These are services that deal with a particular nation or state in the region
Afghanistan Israel Qatar
Algeria Jordan Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Kuwait Somalia
Djibouti Lebanon Sudan
Egypt Libya Syria
Eritrea Mauritania Tunisia
Ethiopia Morocco Turkey
Iran Oman United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Iraq Pakistan Yemen
Regional Services:
These are services that cut across specific country boundaries or provide regional information.
Business and Economics Education News
Cultural Resources Organizations and Societies
Special Services:
This resource guide has been organized by subject with a few notable exceptions. These exceptions are organized here because these services do not lend themselves to specific subject breakdowns.

Courtesy of Professor Joseph W. Roberts
Updated and currently maintained by Samuel Chong, Pasadena City College