Holly Burris
How to Promote a Better World

A lot of benefits have come from advancements in technology, but it has accelerated so fast and become harmful to man. Instead of living in a symbiotic relationship with the rest of nature, a lot of humanity has seemed to separate itself. People have shifted to a more materialistic focus, lost touch with their true selves, and began to cause of suffering for themselves and others. Humanity is living a destructive path because we are not fully aware of what is really going on around us. People are being conditioned to go against the natural rhythm of life. We need to work together, collectively, to awaken those around us. Instead of staying in unhealthy environments because that is what we are used to, we need to actively work towards a better life that is harmonious with our nature. Since we have increased the rate of destruction and suffering on earth, we need to promote a better world through education on holistic health, and use our technology to assist spiritual development, not hinder it.

We need to promote a better world and increase spiritual development and awareness because a lot of people have lost touch with their roots due to the way society has changed the common view of life. From the moment people are born, they are typically given a name, family situation, and a religion. They will likely go to school, get a job, get married, and support a family. All of the “American dream” can be achieved, but personal fulfillment not reached. People have too much material knowledge over spiritual knowledge, and technology cannot be compared to true knowledge. People trust machines to do everything and do not think for themselves. Technology began advancing really fast in the 1700-1800s, and with that, “humans have accelerated the destruction of nature and pollution of the environment since the discovery of the steam engine” (Desmarquet, 2004). Due to manmade objects and the manipulation of nature the entire world is affected. What seemed to be beneficial technological advancements have led to the harm of plants, animals, air, water, and people. Unfortunately, everything comes back to money, and the people in charge of big businesses do not care to change for the greater good. They could lose their business, and that means they have lost their power.

“The real dangers on earth are money, politicians, journalists, drugs, and religion” (Desmarquet, 2004). Our whole system is based off of money, and it is flawed. There is a terrible imbalance of goods around the world. There are enough resources to go around, but without money, which we exchange for our time, we do not have access to these. Since people have to focus on making enough money to survive, they may not take risks and go after a life they would rather be living. The majority of people work for an employer, who has to run their business under laws designated by the government. Somebody is always telling others what to do and how to live. Our system is also flawed when it comes to government politics because there are two opposing sides from the start. Despite whatever decision the leader decides to make he will be criticized or judged. We are all a community living life together so we need a respectable leader who is “knowledgeable, experienced, quick thinking, fair, and honest” (Desmarquet, 2004). When conflict is met with hate and violence, it only contributes to the disharmonic nature of our civilization. Along with money and politics, journalists are another danger in the world we know today. Some journalists tell the truth, but many seek sensationalism and want to install fear. The media outlets can be very dangerous because there is so much information that gets spread, so it is hard to distinguish what is real. The problem with this is that it is common for people to not question or check where their information is coming from. The people in charge of the media outlets can edit the information given to the public and brainwash them into thinking what they see or hear is real. Religion is another danger earth because it became idolatry and kept people in ignorance. Like journalism, religion had a goal to “lower intellectual and physical development to control the masses” (Desmarquet, 2004). Drugs are said to be the last real danger on earth because they mess with our astral bodies. “Drugs take the astral body to a sphere where it shouldn’t be and distorts judgment, therefore, getting saturated with false data” (Desmarquet, 2004).

People put their energy into external energy sources, get hooked on them, over identify, and lose power. Their energy circuits get tied into a pattern of releasing energy into something else, and get drained when that energy is not reciprocated. Some people are not even aware that they have an energetic body because it cannot be seen. People seek material proof and if they do not see it with their own eyes, they do not believe it.

There are two kinds of power types: passive and active. Passive types are the ones who let others drain them of their energy without getting anything back. They are left feeling hopeless, drained, confused, and lost because they are not listening to their inner selves and leave others to control their lives. We want to strive to be an active power type because they are self-motivators, believe self-care is a priority, and their energy circuits are attached to awareness, strength, and emotional stamina. Active power types will do whatever they need to in order to maintain a balance between mind, body, spirit, and environment. Once the energetic body is realized, people begin to understand the impact they really do have on the world around them.

In order to make the world a better place, we need to awaken people to the lives they are actually living, not the one they were told they are living. First off, we need to promote learning and self-education in general. Knowledge and understanding is power. We are told what we are supposed to do from the moment we are born and “people can no longer allow themselves to be treated as fools and led to the abattoirs like flocks of sheep” (Desmarquet, 2004). If people do not make their own decisions, they are not living their own life, they are living for somebody else. Personally, I am an advocate about communal life because it does not seem right to be ruled by a system that controls what we do and where we go. Our system is backed by money, which has no inherent worth- it is a concept that humans created. Communal life is about leaving the “normal” society and creating a community full of like-minded people who get a house with land, learn practical life skills, work collectively to pay bills, eat fresh food, and lower carbon footprints. By working collectively, people can share work and save a lot of money. The time that would have been spent working for money can then be used in other productive manners.

Even if communal life does not appeal to the person, the holistic health approach still needs to be promoted. There is a lot more to humanity than the physical self. The holistic approach focuses on the connection between mind, body, spirit, and social needs. Living holistically is more of an approach to life, rather than a type of doctor related healthcare. When we learn to balance these components of ourselves and follow nature as closely as possible, we can unlock our true potential. We need to open peoples’ eyes so that they can see we are all interconnected and the same down to our core.

The mental aspect of holistic health refers to the intellectual and emotional sides of humanity. The body dies, but the psyche never does, so we should continuously engage the mind. It is good to build skills and knowledge to inspire, challenge, and grow ourselves and others. As for emotions, it is important to learn to identify, assess, and share feelings. Life has a lot of ups and downs, so it is vital to look within ourselves to understand, process, and manage feelings. Creating a list of supporting friends to talk to, getting a counselor, or journaling are ways to help understand emotions.

Along with our mental self is our physical self. When people think of physical wellness, it is common to think about exercise. However, sleep, hygiene, and a healthy diet are all important to keeping our physical selves balanced. Nutrition is especially important because we become what we eat. There are a lot of additives and chemicals in processed foods that are harmful to us. It is good to stick with fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains, along with being conscious about portion sizes.

Another thing to be aware of is our spiritual self. This aspect of holistic health will be a bit different for everybody because it is personal and depends on how each person defines it. Spirituality is commonly viewed as one’s sense of purpose, or direction. A way to tap into spirituality is to practice mindfulness, meditation, dedicating time to oneself, and reflecting on personal values.

Last but not least Is the social part of life. We are social beings and depend on one another to survive. It is important to form connections and positive relationships with one another, because life gets difficult. Having a good support system can help us when life gets had and we need help. Not only do the people in our inner circles affect us, but the environments of our home, job, and outer community all play a role in our lives. We have to be conscious of who and what we surround ourselves with.

In order to increase spiritual development and awareness of the people around us, we must first start with ourselves. When one works on themselves, people will most likely notice the positive change, and be curious how they did it. If somebody takes care of and understands themselves, they can share their knowledge, inspire, and help others become their best self. All it takes is one person to influence another person, and so on. The world can change one person at a time. We can use technology to do this because so much information is available to us. We can use the internet to research and learn about anything we desire, as long as sources and information is validated. Articles, videos, and documentaries we find can be shared to people so they are informed as well. We can share our lives and thoughts with those we have on our technological devices, and potentially plant a seed in another person’s mind to be conscious about the nature of life.

Another thing that technology can be used for is to find and create groups of people who communicate, share, and grow ideas. We can get connected with like-minded people who are concerned about the same problems, such as physical and mental health, nutrition, and conservation matters, for example. The internet allowed me to connect with the people who have had a huge impact on my life. I started getting involved with festival life, which ignited the passion of self-discovery within myself. Music, art, and health and wellness festivals are a place where people come together to celebrate life and focus on the holistic body. “Writers, musicians, and philosophers emerged from the 19 and 20th centuries because within the industrial revolution people neglected the cultivation of their spirituality and focused on the real world” (Desmarquet, 2004). By promoting these types of events, more people can gain perspective about the lives they are living and possibly ignite their own flame.

There are so many ways in which we can use technology to assist spiritual development, but the last one I will touch on is an app idea that I have had, and still is in progress. This app will have features on it that relate to each aspect of holistic health: mind, body, spirit, and social. Each category will have detailed information, videos, and ideas on how to improve in that area of life. Not only will the app give information about each aspect, but there will be a place within it to track down personal progress and write down goals. I believe it is important to write down thoughts and goals so that they become concrete and we are reminded of them. This way the person using the app can keep track of their progress and tailor it to their own goals. In addition to personal use, I would people to be able to add others to their “page”. It is important to focus on the goal of the individual, but having support and motivation from others who are trying to do the same thing, can push a person beyond the potential in which they saw themselves.

The world was created by some force which ultimately led to the creation of life we know today. Unfortunately, with the quick advancement of technology, a majority of humanity has become infatuated with materialism and power, instead of spirituality and well-being. However, if we work as a community, we can use this same technology to raise the vibration and promote a balance of life, which can help create a better world. By making a conscious effort to become our best selves, we can help others in their journey to become theirs.

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Runner-up of A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship for 2020