Alyssa Kresge
BBA Candidate
Western Governors University

Spiritual Evolution

Reading and studying Thiaoouba Prophecy was shockingly like my comparative, historical, and cultural studies of world religions. I was surprised to find that the ideologies and philosophies Michel was awakened to were like several different values of various denominations. For example, Pueblo people believe that everything comes from the same God and their spirituality is heavily influenced by nature. The Puebloans amalgamated approach to Catholicism/Christianity affirms existing physically is also for the sole purpose of developing spiritually. Buddhists believe that life is both endless and subject to ephemerality. One central belief of Buddhism is often referred to as reincarnation - the concept that people are reborn after dying. In fact, most individuals go through many cycles of birth, living, death and rebirth. Hindus believe that the soul, atman, is eternal. When the physical body dies the soul is reborn in another body. This continuous cycle of life, death, and rebirth is called samsara. Rebirth is governed by karma: the principle that every action (be it physical or mental) has a result, like cause and effect. What an individual experiences in this life is the result of their past actions, either actions they have already taken in this life or actions from a past life. How an individual acts today impacts the future, both in terms of effects felt later in this life or in a future birth. I couldn’t help but have these similarities revolve in my head when Thao explained to Michel: “‘One day you are a beggar and then you can be a Queen, such as Labinola who, of course, was not only at the top of the wheel but also learned a lot and greatly helped others. And yet, in many cases, a beggar will learn as much as a king and in some instances he will learn much more. When you were an ascetic in the mountains, you assisted many more individuals than in most of your other lives. What counts most is not appearances, but what is behind them”.

One of the most powerful moments for me in Thiaoouba Prophecy was on page 181 when we are reminded that “The greatest temple of man is inside him; it is there that he can communicate at any time with the creator, his creator, using meditation and concentration through the intermediary of his Higher-self”. This spoke volumes to me. That concept is one that is written in nearly every religious script I have studied. No matter what religion you devote yourself to or what principles of life you believe in there is always that constant truth. This statement brings me my answer to the question “What can we do to increase people’s spiritual awareness and development?”

Too many times people neglect to think for themselves. They are led to believe that they need to listen to homilies in churches, mosques, or sacred grounds to start a spiritual journey of any kind. We need to teach people to listen with their hearts. Spiritual growth is something that is felt rather than heard. Of course, inspiration comes in more peaceful settings. Whatever we may call on to gain spiritual evolution must be invited. If we try to force it, we can be deceived. (An example of forced spiritual awakenings are the use of hallucinogenic drugs. Like Michel claimed in his postscript, drugs disturb your astral body – your REAL self.) Teaching people to listen with their hearts though, is much easier said than done.

We live in a world ever focused on generating revenue. A world that misleads others to think profitability and personal growth are one and the same. Put in the simplest terms, we are taught that good is evil, and evil is good. In order to teach people to listen with their hearts, we need to teach them what spiritual awakenings feel like. Humility, compassion, and understanding are all manifestations of spiritual awareness. Desires for freedom from material possessions, wanting to change careers, a longing to learn new languages, and a desire for self-care – these are each an indication that you have experienced a higher level of awareness. As someone who is working towards a career in Human Resources, I plan on teaching different techniques to our future workforce in order to assist spiritual development. Human Resources is not a job you automatically think of when you want to change people’s hearts. I will be able to raise the intellectual level of development for others through my career. I can teach people to embrace fear and avoid a debilitating state of mind. I can encourage others to meditate in order to enjoy the greater benefits of lowered stress, better sleep, and sense of calm. The biggest way I can teach others to listen to their heart is by helping them practice forgiveness. A common sign of spiritual awareness is an enhanced ability to let go of hurts and resentments, both real and imagined.

What I have learned through my studies of world religions is that while every sect has varying practices, one truth remains: man exists physically for the purpose of developing spiritually. Michel’s expansion on this theme confirms that in order to elevate our lives, we must first elevate our spirit. Whether I receive this scholarship or not, my life’s work is to increase the spiritual awareness of others.

“…for this King conducted himself in an exemplary manner during this final life on Earth, despite very difficult responsibilities and tasks required of him.”

Thank you


For the past few years, I have been a mentor for women and children who have experienced sexual violence. Being a victim of this myself I know how difficult and heart wrenching it is to live above almost irreparable damage, and face women who have gone through the same thing. Because of this, I have invented not a physical item for spiritual development, but a massage technique. Instructions are as follows:

Sense of Self Oil treatment

This hybrid of essential oils and massage helps unite mind and heart, and to ease emotional discomfort.
1. Apply 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil into your left palm. Place your right palm on your left palm and lightly rub them together.
2. Massage temples with palm, and slowly move your palms along the side of your head to the backs of your ears.
3. For a night time routine, place the essential oils at the bottom of your feet before you sleep.

Winner of A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship for 2020!