Victoria Olguin
Ann Richards School For Young Women Leaders

A Better World Through The Young Generation

As a highschooler getting ready to apply to college, it almost feels like I should have my life planned out already. Highschool is a point in life where I am about to join adulthood, and therefore society encourages me to choose what I want to do with the rest of my life. I would often find myself conflicted on what to study for when I attend college, and believed that such a decision like that would be what would guide me throughout important events in my life. However, I wasn’t fully aware that it is actually my spiritual advancement that will truly guide me throughout the rest of my life, and it is evident that much of the younger generation is not aware of this either. I have grown in a society where an emphasis is placed on material means such as diplomas, paychecks, and power, and this makes it difficult to advance spiritually. However, it doesn’t matter who went to school the longest, how much money you make, or how powerful you might seem. These materials means, in fact, cause envy, resentment, and even violence. I believe this is the case because many, specifically the young generation, aren’t aware of how to advance spiritually, and therefore turn to material objects as a form of advancement in society. If you were to have asked me a month or two earlier what spirituality was, I wouldn’t have had a solid answer. If the younger generation is not informed, the younger generation will soon become the future generation, causing a cycle that concludes in many not knowing how to truly advance spiritually. Through the reading of Thiaoouba Prophecy, I was able to learn more about how to advance spiritually through non-materialistic means. The way to spiritual advancement is through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. Through the use of technology, spiritual advancement could occur which in turn will create a better world that is much more united.

Something that causes division is religion. I know this because as I was reading Thiaoouba Prophecy, I was feeling quite divided from the topic because I felt like this contradicts some religions. I know many people of different religions will not all come into agreement, yet I realized that what’s most important about this reading is the message of spiritual advancement which does not actually have a focus on religion. Throughout the reading, Michel Desmarquet noted that the Great Spirit is a part of us, and we must help ourselves improve spiritually which will help us unite with the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit does not emphasize materialistic means, but our society does. Therefore, we must stop placing an emphasis on materialism and improve ourselves through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds to one day unite with the Great Spirit. This, in turn, will also help unify the world instead of causing division through emotions like envy and resentment, and as humans of the Earth, this is something we should all care about.

Despite this information, many aren’t aware of how to do this. Being a part of the younger generation who is still learning, I have often seen the older generation demonstrate the practice of materialism which has had negative effects on the world. I have seen this in politics, where political leaders worry about the economy of a country rather than the good of the Earth and its people. For example, in 2019, according to the White House Press, the president of the United States was giving a statement of the Paris Climate Accord, which is an agreement between developed nations to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Before talking about the matter, the president stated that he would first like to talk about the economy, mentioning that it has increased and has provided a lot more jobs. This shows that the president believed the matter of economy was more important than the matter of climate change. It was after the president talked about the economy that the president then announced that the US will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. This reveals to the US that its leader does not believe that the Earth and its well-being is important, and is instead placing an emphasis on economy. The example given by the older generation of leaders only makes the younger generation believe that they too should place an emphasis on materialism. Through these observations, I have noticed how important it is for younger generations to learn from these mistakes. The older generation is focusing on materialism because they do not fully comprehend how to improve spiritually, and the importance of doing so. It is important because it helps us work on ourselves while also uniting and improving the world. I believe the solution to this issue starts with the younger generation. If the younger generation starts to realize they should not place an emphasis on material growth like economy, they will then start working towards improving their spiritual (astral) being and will have more time to do so. This will then cause a chain reaction as the future generation will also work towards improving spiritually.

As a part of the younger generation, I plan on preparing myself to promote a better world through activism and education. Once I am in college, I will be old enough to vote and get involved in government. I plan on advocating for laws and leaders that will help and want the greater good of the people and our planet. By doing this, I will be helping the country know the importance of non-material means, which will be a step closer to making the world a better and cleaner world. This will also provide a great example for the younger generation, and will encourage them to continue to place an emphasis on non-material means. When it comes to education, I will attend college and have the focus of learning to give to others while not expecting anything back, and will also not place an emphasis on materialism. I plan on studying biomedical engineering to design medical technology, and then will apply to medical school. I know the importance of technology and how it can be used for the purpose of healing, aiding people, and performing good deeds. Once I am able to learn more about technology, I will apply to medical school in order to become an ophthalmologist. It was the experience of my grandfather having to get an eye surgery that has inspired me to become an ophthalmologist. During my grandfather’s surgery, technologies like lasers were used which allowed his procedure to be done accurately and in a short amount of time. This is the reason why I am aware of the power of technology and how it can be used to help people with their health. I, too, would like to heal others and improve their vision so that they can properly focus on themselves to improve spiritually and unite with the Great Spirit. I know that it was for a reason that I have experienced a loved one going through an eye surgery, and that reason was to inspire me to learn more about technology and use it to heal others and their eyesight. I have already been sketching glasses that I would one day like to create for people to use and improve their vision. Knowing the importance of spirituality, I plan on designing glasses that can remind others of how to improve theirs. Much like a camera, these glasses will have a viewfinder, or a little circle that they can look into in order to see an image. This little circle will be placed a little above the lens of the glasses. The image will contain the words: good thoughts, good words, good deeds. This will help many who wear glasses, which is 6 in 10 people, have a reminder on how to spiritually improve. The circle with the words will specifically be placed at the top of the lens and not at the bottom, in order to symbolize that when you are looking down to a world of envy, resentment, and even violence, once you look up, you will find the wise words to follow in order to help improve the world. Glasses are a great technology that can be used not only by the younger generation, but the older generation. Although the problem of materialism can be solved through the younger generation, it is never too late for the older generation to improve spiritually as well in order to one day unite with the Great Spirit, and these glasses will remind them of how to do so.

Because I am a senior in high school, I have college and medical school payments waiting for me. I know that with the help of a scholarship, I will be closer to achieving my goal of finishing and paying for college so that I can go on to medical school to become an ophthalmologist. Once I become an ophthalmologist, I will be able to heal others and their sight so that they can focus on working on themselves spiritually to one day unite with the Great Spirit. Not only this, but I will be able to provide a reminder to the younger, and older generation on how to improve spiritually through glasses that provide the words: good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

Today, with the pandemic of COVID-19, many have spent more time with their families at home and have not been working. This has provided many with a view of how life is when one is focused on improving themselves and their loved ones. The pandemic has also shown many the power of technology, and how it can be used to heal and bring the world together rather than divide. My goal is that one day, when people can go to work again, people will not forget the importance of spiritual improvement and non-material means, and will continue to use technology for the purpose of uniting the world and making it better. As a part of the younger generation, I can help ensure that the future will consist of a better world. By studying biomedical engineering and becoming an ophthalmologist, I can help not only improve eyesight, but remind the world of how to improve their spirituality as well. Although it might take some time and seem like an improved world is far from today, it can start now. By looking into the eyes of the young generation, you will see that an improved world is not as far as it seems, and glasses are not needed to be able to see a sight like that.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Runner-up of A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship for 2020