Kristin Roots

A “Better World” Spirituality Scholarship

In middle school, I created a system of laws to abide by to reach a perfection of self. To this very day, I have no idea where that urge came from, but at the time I felt an irresistible urge to sit down and create it. I simply took a purple spiral notebook and I wrote on the front cover “The Way To Perfection.”

Now, I realize that what I created were a series of positive affirmations. The common belief being that when I do something for someone they will do the same thing for someone else. It is basically the idea of paying it forward. There are some pages with meditations for anyone to practice and stick figure drawings of people joined together in harmony.

When I think of an invention, it is made to help people or enlighten them in some way. No, my book is not an IPhone or television, but greater than all of those things. It is made for empowering and altering the way we think and perceive the world around us. Changing the world is difficult because many of us walk around with bad thoughts instilled in us from years ago and in order to help someone we have to be in a good place.

My entire middle school class added something to the list of positive affirmations. As an empath, I sense and had sensed much sadness in people. The children who attended my school were often troubled and poor in spirit. I wanted to do anything that would make them feel powerful and it worked.

It has been about six years since then and many of those same people stay in contact and say it changed their life.

My plan for the world is to enlighten all those who are in the dark about the power of their mind. We are all connected in this energy field and when one is off balance, we all are. Humans have been stripped of knowledge pertaining to the power their mind has. If one looks in depth at scripture God has let us know that we are powerful in a unique way. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.

Faith does just not relate to one’s religion, but everything else around us. The fact we have faith shows that the possibility for change already exists. You must KNOW that it is already yours, whatever it is.

In the book, “Thiaoouba’s Prophecy” we are enlightened by a testimony of a man who was abducted by aliens. He used his skill of writing to share his story and I’m positive it changed lives. It altered the way we think and that is the truth of any creation or invention. It can be a book, electronic, food, a person, or animal. When something is made, it changes the frequency of the earth based on how it is perceived.

As an aspiring novelist, journalist, and hopefully future business woman, I want to change the mindset of people through my works. I have loved writing since I was very young and I see it in my destiny that I must enlighten many people. By asking and investigating spirituality, we will be presented the keys of the universe and once it is revealed we will see yet another part of God and his invention.

Runner-up of A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship for 2020