I finished reading, with great interest, on July 12th the "Abduction to the 9th Planet" (Thiaoouba Prophecy). Thanks to its information, I am already thinking about creating my own sound reduction cover for my VitaMix blender that I use everyday for my breakfast. The book brought to light the negative effects I am subjecting my astral body to on a daily basis. Using ear plugs only protects my ears from the harmful vibrations of the blender and not my astral body. I am now aware that I need to invest in a sound level meter to make sure my creation is effective and my astral body gets the protection it needs. I have scanned the internet already for what is currently available and found some noise control domes and hush pads but I believe I can create something just as efficient and more cost effective myself.

I am already familiar with "Conversations with God." I was introduced to Neale Donald Walsch's teachings in 2015 and have watched quite a few of his videos on YouTube. His words are inspiring and uplifting. I am also familiar with the teachings of Esther Hicks channelled by Abraham. I have three of her books called: Ask & It is Given; The Astonishing Power of Emotions; and The Law of Attraction. I read many others books such as Louise Hay's Heal Your Body; Deepak Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; Deborah King's Be Your Own Shaman; Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages in Water; Barbara Brennan's Hands of Light; Emerging Light; and the next ones on the school study list is Core Light and the Seeds of the Spirit.

I am a female Canadian student of Energy Healing with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Florida. Despite the challenges of losing my Information Technology job earlier this year and the Canadian dollar to US dollar exchange rate skyrocketing because of Covid-19, I managed to graduate from my first year of study of a four year program in June 2020. I understand now that the universe liberated me from a toxic environment so it can guide me towards an environment that feeds my soul. This scholarship will greatly help reduce my educational debt.

Once I graduate from my Energy Healing studies in June 2023, I plan to open my own business so I can promote a better world one client at a time. I am already promoting a better world through my family and friends by living the example of healthy habits such as eating organic, growing my own mint, drinking water from a well that has no chlorine or fluoride, using toothpaste that is fluoride free, wearing clothes made of natural fibers, meditating on a daily basis, using earphones that are not bluetooth to avoid electro-magnetic frequencies, turning my cell phone off at night, turning the wi-fi modem off at night etc. I do not own a microwave and I live in the country to take advantage of the natural vibrations of nature. I do own a TV that has been sitting in the box for more than one year as I do not watch the news and only plan to use it in the future as a monitor for training purposes with my business.

I am aware of a tool that exists already that assists with spiritual development. In December 2018, I found a lady that was 2 hours drive away that photographed my aura and provided an Aura Chakra Analysis Report. It provided my main aura color reflecting my personality type and traits, the percentage size of each of my 7 chakras, my bio-data analysis showing my color wheel yin-yang balance of my energy system, my mind-body-spirit graph, my emotiometer, my state of mind-body graph, my stress/relaxation graph, my energy level graph, and my individual aura color analysis. I plan to purchase this tool after I finish my schooling and use it in my new business.

I trust that this information is sufficient to apply for "A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship. Thank you for your kind consideration of my application.

Love and light to you and your family.

In my excitement, I forgot to tell you the most important part of my essay. I did create my own sound/noise reduction box on July 17th in a few hours at virtually no cost except for my time. I used a cardboard box I got at Costco for free and some packing tape I already had in a drawer at home. I made a prototype in the morning that I modified that same afternoon to reduce its size. I have been using it the last two weeks with great success. My ears and aura are already thanking me for my initiative even though I have not tested it with a decibel reader as the sound is noticeably reduced.

Have a great weekend.

Love and light.

Runner-up of A Better World" Spirituality and Technology Advancement Scholarship for 2020