Anthony William, the Medical Medium, Prepared You for Coronavirus (Covid-19), Vaccine Side Effects, and Now, for Food Shortage (What is Anthony William Predicting or Envisioning?)

This article has not been approved by Anthony William, the Medical Medium, and is solely the author's own opinion, conjecture, and speculation.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, hears a spirit talking to him regarding the things that people normally don't know about.  For example, the spirit told him that his grandmother had lung cancer, and it turned out to be true.  The spirit also told him remedies for different diseases, which turned out to be effective.

In 2015, with the book "Medical Medium" published, Anthony William became a public figure, leading a disruptive medical information revolution.  He tells people that the root cause of many diseases, especially those so-called autoimmune diseases, is viral infections. He also encourages people to drink celery juice, one of the many ways to fight against viral and bacterial infections.

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

The year 2015 is four years before the Covid-19 pandemic. As a healer, not a licensed medical doctor, Anthony William is not allowed to advice people on any prescription drugs. However, he prepared his followers for this unfortunate global pandemic.  Years before the spread of the coronavirus infections, he put on his website a pdf document titled "Virus Protection". It lists some of the dietary supplements that may help people to protect themselves against viruses. Thus, when the coronavirus pandemic occurred, his prepared followers already knew what to do.

Vaccine Side Effects

Government authorities around the world encourage people to be vaccinated against Covid. Anthony William, the medical medium, rarely talks about vaccines. Indeed, it is not just him, physicians and well-known doctors are constantly being censored if they are against Covid vaccinations. Peter McCullough M.D. and Vladimir Zelenko M.D. are just two examples. Thus, it is very unlikely for us to learn what Anthony William think about Covid vaccines in public.

However, Anthony William has been talking about heavy metal detox methods for a long time.  For those who are concerned that Covid vaccines contain graphene oxide, heavy metal detox method might be helpful.  In addition, the Medical Medium just posted a video titled "Do you have toxic blood?" on Youtube. That sounds interesting.

Food Shortage?

What's very concerning to me is that Anthony William just had two Amazon live shows on "Emergency Food Shortage Tips & Ideas".  Given the fact that he always forewarns people a few years ahead of time, is he telling us that some of us are going to experience food shortages in the foreseeable future?

The United States have had reliable domestic supply chains for foods. The same thing cannot be said to other countries such as Afghanistan or China.  You might say, Afghanistan is conceivable, but why China? Careful readers might notice that besides news media reports about rising food prices in China, government grain storages constantly catch on fire right before there suppose to be an audit. Yes, those government granaries are always "mysteriously" burned down a few weeks before the auditors' visit.

Unfortunately, the Medical Medium series books are not allowed to be published in mainland China, where they are needed the most. We are eager to help, if situation allows.

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