Disappearances of People and Ships in the Bermuda Triangle May Be Caused by a Warp Sucking Them Into a Parallel Universe

Mysterious Disappearances of Aircrafts and Vessels in the Bermuda Triangle Area, Where Space/Time Warp Exists

Mysterious Disappearances of Aircrafts and Vessels in the Bermuda Triangle Area

The Bermuda Triangle is a region where a number of planes and ships vanish under mysterious circumstances, and anomalies such as electronic instrument malfunctioning and electromagnetic disturbances are often remembered by the survivors. Most of the incidents occur round the Bahamas and Caribbean, southern Florida.

Well documented incidents of missing aircrafts and vessels dated from the 1400's till the present date.  Natural accidents and human errors are excluded from such disappearances. For example, according to Gian J. Quasar, a leading researcher on the Bermuda Triangle, the US Coast Guard's Search and Rescue Statistics published each year showed about the same number of distressed calls from the 1st Coast Guard District (off New England) received as the 7th District (the Bermuda Triangle Area). However, there was only a few aircraft disappearances in the 1st District as opposed to more than 20 aircraft disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle region and possibly twice that number in boats. This is statistically significant.

Unexplained electromagnetic anomalies and atmospheric aberrations in the Bermuda Triangle region have been well documented by the earliest writers such as John Godwin, Vincent Gaddis, and Robert Burgess. There are also a couple of official reports carry allusions to “Electronic Fog;” and there is evidence for transient magnetic vortices.

For example, Bruce Gernon writes his stories in his books "The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon" and "Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: True Encounters with Electronic Fog, Missing Aircraft, and Time Warps".  He flew in the Bermuda Triangle region on December 4, 1970 with his brand new Beechcraft Bonanza A36. In his early 20s, Bruce Gernon already had about 600 hours flying time and was very familiar with Florida and the Bahamas.

Near the Bimini Islands and about 27 minutes into the flight, Bruce Gernon saw a cloud near Andros and a cloud near Bimini that were the opposite sides of a same ring-shaped body. Then the cloud that formed just off of Andros Island rapidly spread outward into the shape of a doughnut with a diameter of 30 miles.

Bruce Gernonthen entered a large U-shaped opening on the west side of the doughnut cloud. It formed a horizontal tunnel and as Bruce Gernon entered the tunnel for only about 20 seconds, all his electronic and magnetic navigational instruments were malfunctioning. Bruce Gernon attributed this to an "electronic fog" because the electronic fog was interfering with his instruments.

Bruce Gernonalso experienced space/time abnormalities because his time showed that the flight from Andros to Palm Beach had taken a little less than 47 minutes, compared to a trip that would have lasted more than 75 minutes normally. Some believe that Gernon entered into a space/time warp during his short flight.

An Extraterrestrial (A Space Alien with Advanced Civilization" Explains the Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

"In Bermuda Triangle and in others spots less well known, a parallel universe becomes confused with your universe so that there exists between them a natural warp.

People, animals or even objects finding themselves in the immediate vicinity of a warp are literally sucked into it. Thus, you can have, for example, an entire fleet of boats disappear in several seconds. Sometimes a person, or persons, can pass back into your universe after several hours, several days or several years. More often, however, they never return.

When a man does return and relates his experience, the vast majority of people don’t believe him - and if he persists, he is assumed ‘crazy’. Most of the time, such a person recounts nothing at all, realizing how he will appear in the eyes of his peers. Sometimes too, he returns amnesic, and if he recovers some memory, it is not of what happened in the parallel universe, and therefore sheds no light on the subject."

Quote from the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy", a book that also unveils other secrets of our life on earth.

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