Ikwan Onwuka, Physicist and Private Researcher in Alternative Therapeutics

Ikwan Onwuka is a physicist and a private researcher in alternative therapeutics.  He is reported by the news article "Delhi-based institute claims to 'cure' COVID-19 through cosmic sound therapy", published on the New Indian Express on July 4, 2020, on promising results using vibrational frequencies for patients with the novel coronavirus Covid-19 at the Human Energy Research Centre in India. For details of his work, please see Using Sound Therapy and Vibrational Medicine to Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19.

If you wish to contact him for clinical trials, you can reach him via

Email:  medicvibe@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ikwan-onwuka-b81264147/

WhatsApp: +2348037253145

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