The Aliens on the Moon Stopped Us from Landing on the Moon Again, According to Whistleblowers and Someone Who Encountered an Extraterrestrial Being - "We Were Warned Off the Moon" Because We Were Not Ready (We Pollute Everything and They Are Not Going to Allow Us to Pollute a Second Planet in the Universe)

The last person to visit the moon was in December 1972 during NASA's Apollo 17 mission.  Have you wondered why we have not landed on the moon ever since? Using common sense, do you really believe it is due to budgetary concerns or technological issues? Do you really think it is "too expensive" to go back there again?

Former Naval Intelligence Officer Reveals Alien Moon Base

Milton William "Bill" Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, maintains that the Alien Moon Base exists and the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the ET Moon Base as “Luna.”

Edgar Mitchell Said that "The Aliens Are Watching Us"

"After traveling in space, I am fully confident that the aliens are watching us.  I don't know how many, where and how they do it, but watching us." Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Michel, the astronaut that walked on the moon in the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, said, "after traveling in space, I am fully confident that the aliens are watching us.  I don't know how many, where and how they do it, but watching us."

Neil Armstrong Stated that "We Were Essentially Warned Off the Moon"

In his book "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge", Steven Greer, M.D., wrote that Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut and also the first human being to walk on the Moon, was over-heard saying that "as we landed on the moon, there are numerous extraterrestrial vehicles on the crater, watching us and that we were essentially warned off the moon…."

But the ET Aliens Rescued the Apollo 13 Mission

The Apollo 13 Mission is known to have experienced many technical difficulties on its journey to the Moon, causing issues for the craft to return Earth.  Ross Dedrickson, a US Air Force Colonel, revealed that an alien spacecraft "went to the rescue of Apollo 13," and they accompanied Apollo 13 on their voyage around the Moon back to Earth. Colonel Dedrickson further elaborated, "and on two occasions they thought they might have to transfer the crew to their spacecraft, but they saw them safely back to Earth."

Testing Nuclear Weapons in Space “Not Acceptable” To The Extraterrestrials

According to Ross Dedrickson, there were at least three attempts to deliver nuclear weapons to the moon, as part of the recently declassified Project A119. Leonard Reiffel, the former head of NASA, personally oversaw the project in 1958.

Project A119 - Testing Nuclear Weapons in Space Not Acceptable to the Extraterrestrials

The  project was later cancelled, for, officially, "Air Force officials decided its risks outweighed its benefits."  Ross Dedrickson, on the other hand, reports that at all three times, the cargo containing nuclear weapons was "destroyed while approaching the moon," as unknown objects flew out towards the devices with nuclear filling inside and literally caught the earth ship in the lasso.

UFO Contactee Claims that an ET Told Him that We Were Not Allowed to Visit Other Planets Because We Pollute Everything and They Are Not Going to Let Us Pollute a Second Planet in the Universe

The book Thiaoouba Prophecy writes the interactions of the author, Michel Desmarquet, with an extraterrestrial who invited him to visit their planet that has an advanced civilization.

In a public lecture, when someone asked him if we could visit another planet if we have advanced technologies such as anti-gravitation or trans-substantiation capabilities, he responded by stating that the ETs "are not going to let us do that.  They are going to stop us, even by violence, because they judge, for the moment, we are not able to look after our own backyard.  As you know, because we pollute everything, they are not going to let us going on another planet and pollute a second one in the universe."

Alien Structure and Extraterrestrial Base Found on the Backside or Far Side of the Moon, and the ETs Already Told Us Exactly What Happened

The book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" also unveils other secrets of our life on earth.

Topics Mentioned in the Book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

Los Extraterrestres en la Luna nos impidieron volver a aterrizar en la Luna, según denunciantes y alguien que se encontró con un ser extraterrestre - "Nos advirtieron de la Luna" porque no estábamos preparados (Contaminamos todo y no van a permitir que contaminemos un segundo planeta en el Universo)