The Best and Most Profitable Investment You will Ever Make
Inspirations from Warren Buffett

The Best and Most Profitable Investment for Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jeff BezosWarren Buffett says, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself”. What if you can invest in yourself by reading a book that reveals the most important knowledge in today’s world? What if the book describes real events that happened in the past in detail, while revealing certain technologies of medical science and renewable energy? What if these technologies were not only be financially profitable but also beneficial to our environment and billions of people around the world? What if the book containing such investment opportunities comes from an advanced civilization which can explain the construction and purpose of mysterious structures in earth such as the Great Pyramid? This is an investment that Bill Gates has been dreaming of. Yet, you can receive the same by reading the book “Thiaoouba Prophecy

The rate of return is so high that, if you read this book carefully and with your heart, you will find inexpensive ways to achieve results that would otherwise require a massive financial investment.

For example, in terms of medical technology, this book provides information including but not limited to
● Antibacterial and antiviral characteristics of specific wavelengths of blue light
● The reasoning behind therapeutic effects of certain healers, including the “miracles“ as described in certain religious scriptures such as the Bible

For renewable energies, this book directs us to
● Focus on hydrogen-based engines which have been successfully prototyped but need to be mass produced
● Research on the “cold magnetic” force that could be neutralized by certain vibrations, so that heavy objects can become weightless and ultrasonic vibratory systems that can accurately cut stone to 0.2 mm. Such technologies were used, according to the book, to build the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the statues on Easter Island

With the information contained in this book, you will also find out about the wealthiest people behind the scenes who do not appear on Forbes list. Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates would be dwarfed in comparison.

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