“Abduction to the 9th Planet” (The Golden Planet: Thiaoouba Prophecy) by Michel Desmarquet - In Different Languages and Existing Publishers

English: Abduction to the 9th Planet (Thiaoouba Prophecy) (Amazon Paperback)  Thiaoouba: The Golden Planet (Kindle)

Simplified Chinese: 海奥华预言 (Dangdang.com). E-book also available on We-Read (微信读书)
Publisher: The Writers Publishing House (One of the largest publishing companies in China)

Traditional Chinese: 海奧華預言 (KingStone.com.tw) 海奧華預言 (Eslite.com) 海奧華預言 (Books.com.tw) 海奧華預言(Sanmin.com.tw) 海奧華預言(Cite.com.tw) 海奧華預言 (Bookwalker.com.tw). E-book: 海奧華預言 (Readmoo.com)《海奧華預言》香港購買處
Publisher: Oak Tree Publishing House (Under Cite Publishing Ltd, the largest publishing group in Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities)

Japanese: 超巨大「宇宙文明」の真相―進化最高「カテゴリー9」の惑星から持ち帰ったかつてなき精緻な「外宇宙情報」(Amazon.co.jp)
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.

Korean: 9일간의 우주여행 (Kyobobook.co.kr)
Publisher: Liber Books

French: Thiaoouba, la planète dorée
Publisher: Be Light Éditions

Hungarian: Thiaoouba - az arany bolygó üzenete - Az arany bolygó üzenete
Publisher: Lunarimpex

Slovene and Croatian
: Stella Publishing

Spanish:  El Planeta Dorado - La Profecía de Thiaoouba El Planeta Dorado - La Profecía de Thiaoouba

Portuguese: A Profecia de Thiaoouba

Italian: La Profezia di Thiaoouba

Russian: Тиауба: Золотая Планета (Kobo.com) or ТИАУБА: ЗОЛОТАЯ ПЛАНЕТА (Streetlib.com)

Polish: Misja

Romanian: Profetia de pe Thiaoouba

Swedish: Uppdrag-Universums lag

Greek: Η Θειαουβα

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