Prevention and Treatment for the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: Things You Can Do Yourself Before A Vaccine Is Ready

The recent novel coronavirus pandemic has caused concerns to people all over the world. Here, I’d like to share with you some of the simple methods that may help you to combat the situation before a vaccine is commercially ready.

Disinfection and Building Up Your Own Immune System

Viral infections are different from bacterial infections. Most bacterial infections can be treated using antibiotics, but viral infections cannot. So far, there have not been any pharmaceutical drugs that are shown to be effective against the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Even if a drug is developed and approved to be used on patients, it will likely cause certain unintended side effects. Below are some of the simple ways you can disinfect yourself and build up your own immune system before a coronavirus vaccine is available..

1. Ultraviolet light disinfections

Ultraviolet light, also known as UV light, is one of the most effective methods against bacterial and viral infections. Studies have shown that far UV light, or UVC light, is effective against virus, as it can penetrate and change its DNA structure, thus inactivating the virus. Broad spectrum of UV light is also effective against viruses.

2. Building up your own immune system

Anthony William, in his book “Medical Medium”, suggested people to modify their diets in order to combat viruses. He recommends people to drink at least 500ml of celery juice every morning empty stomach, so that the clustered salts in celery juice can bind the protective proteins in certain viruses (including coronavirus), thus making the immune cells of your body to identify and attack viruses much more easily. He also suggests people to avoid eggs (viruses feed on eggs), pork (pork burdens liver, one of the crucial organs for immune functions), and dairy products. In addition, he says that zinc is crucial for boosting one’s immune system against virus, and that Vitamin C, cat’s claw, lemon balm, and fruits like bananas are also important for your immune system to fight against viral infections.

Once You Are Infected with the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

If you are unfortunate enough to be infected with the novel coronavirus, don’t panic. Below are some of the ways that you can fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

1. Drink plenty of water, or better yet, sun-charged water that has absorbed ultraviolet lights.

Water will increase your immune system’s ability to fight against the viruses. Sun-charged water that was also charged with ultraviolet lights will be even better. This inspiration comes from the book “Into the Light” by William Campbell Douglass II, MD. In this book, Dr. Douglass describes an earlier method of treating bacterial and viral infections called UV blood irradiation therapy, in which blood was drawn from the patient and then irradiated under UV light, before injecting the blood back to the patient. It is shown that this therapy is effective against almost all bacterial and viral infections. Even though a small amount of blood is irradiated under UV light, the curative effect is systemic. This implies that the blood became a carrier of UV light’s vibrations, which inactivated bacteria and viruses. If blood can be a carrier, why not water? Water goes into a person’s bloodstream within a few hours and could be an easier and more convenient carrier to carry UV light’s vibrations into the bloodstream than the blood irradiation method. In fact, certain esoteric practices encourage their followers to drink sun-charged water for energy, or sun-charged water in blue glass bottles for cleansing effects.

In “Other Healers, Other Cures - A Guide to Alternative Medicine”, Helen Kruger writes about Father Kneipp, a Bavarian who is said to have cured many difficult cases by having patients bathe in fresh, cool “living water.” Ideally, this was water in fast-flowing streams that had been irradiated by the sun, thus absorbing curative solar energy.

To drink solar charged water with UV lights, however, you would need to use a bottle made of quartz to hold water under natural sunlight, or use a UV lamp to charge on drinking water, because UV lights cannot penetrate regular glass. If you choose to use a UV lamp to charge your drinking water, then it will only have the vibrations of the UV light, instead of the full range of vibrations of natural sunlight. Therefore, water in a quartz bottle charged under natural sunlight may be the best solution.

2. Take Zinc sulfate supplement and follow Anthony William’s other recommendations

Zinc sulfate, according to Anthony William, is the most digestible form of zinc supplement. If this is not enough, you may also ask your doctor to see if hydroxychloroquine is right for you. Hydroxychloroquine, a generic drup that requires prescription in the United States, has been said to be effective when used on Covid-19 patients, and it is also suggested to be a zinc ionophore, and may derive an anti-cancer action from increasing intracellular zinc uptake.

Moreover, the books written by Anthony William such as "Medical Medium" give excellent suggestions that may save your life, and the lives of your friends and family members. Millions of people have testified the effectiveness of his protocols on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. Hundreds of celebrities have endorsed him. If this is not evidence based medicine, what is? I would strongly encourage you to read his books and follow his recommendations on fighting against viruses.

3. Deactivating viruses through resonance, a form of vibrational medicine

When the resonance matches the frequencies of the viruses, the viruses get deactivated. Certain companies and individuals are currently working on finding the right frequency that would resonate with the novel coronavirus. For more information, please see Using Sound Therapy and Vibrational Medicine to Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

4. Blue light inactivation of viruses

Studies have shown that blue light with certain intensity and wavelength kills bacteria and inactivates viruses. In the book “Thiaoouba Prophecy”, Michel Desmarquet describes his personal encounters with extraterrestrials that come from an advanced civilization. Right after he entered their spaceship, they used intense yellow lights and blue lights, among other methods, to disinfect him, before taking him to their planet. A research paper on the effectiveness of blue light at may give you some inspirations regarding whether blue light might be effective against viruses.

The current novel coronavirus will need a combination of the above methods in order to be contained. It includes a yet to be commercialized vaccine, UV light or blue light disinfection, and the boosting of our own immune system. Let’s hope that a safe and effective vaccine can be commercialized as soon as possible, if it is possible. Meanwhile, we can focus on the above for our own protections.

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Prevention and Treatment for the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: Things You Can Do Yourself Before A Vaccine Is Ready
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