Using Sound Therapy and Vibrational Medicine to Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

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A story titled "Delhi-based institute claims to 'cure' COVID-19 through cosmic sound therapy" was forwarded to me on a Telegram group.  This article aroused my interest and attention because I have been looking for a method of treatment using vibrational frequencies to breakdown the novel coronavirus Covid-19 through resonance effect.

This article was written by Somrita Ghosh, and was published on the New Indian Express on July 4, 2020, with a subtitle "Vibrational frequencies of coronavirus and two enzymes were decoded, and since each of them have different frequencies, the three sound waves have been designed to deal with each of them."

It writes about the promising results shown using vibrational frequencies for patients with the novel coronavirus Covid-19 at the Human Energy Research Centre in India. It is said that the therapy is based on the ancient Vedic philosophy that "the entire universe is eternally in a state of subtle vibrations." Thus, if the vibrational frequencies of the novel coronavirus and its related enzymes are able to be decoded, then one can cause resonance effect to break their structures, as "the virus, which has a protein cell layer, starts vibrating and therefore the chemical bond breaks down. The virus cannot sustain beyond a certain energy level," according to the team. 

With volunteer patients who continued their routine medications, the team conducted a trial in May 2020, and promising results were shown.

During the hour-long sound therapy, the patients are made to listen sounds with three different frequencies stage-wise. Each stage has a duration of seven minutes and there’s a gap of five minutes between each stage. Four to six sessions in a span of two-three days are required to complete the course.

According to the news article, the therapy was developed by Dr Ramesh Vaish, Ikwan Onwuka, and Dr Harsh Rastogi, which include two doctors and one non-doctor. Intuition tells me that whenever this happens, focus and attention should be directed to the non-doctor (who doesn't need to spend too much time on orthodox academic studies and normally has more time to devote on true breakthrough type innovations) in the team. Therefore, I did a research on Ikwan Onwuka.

According to public information, Ikwan Onwuka is a Nigerian physicist and private researcher in alternative therapeutics based in Lagos. After he published the article "COVID-19: Research On Alternative Therapeutics," Dr. Ramesh Vaish contacted him and proceeded with further collaborations. Below is an excerpt of his article, published on March 18, 2020:

"As with most things in life, there are always options. A wide spectrum of possibilities for every endeavor we care to approach with creative openness. Credit must be given to the biochemists, pharmacologists, and biotechnologists of our world for their huge contributions to global healthcare. At the same time, equal opportunities must be extended to scientists and researchers who are genuinely offering viable substitutes to biochemical drugs and vaccines. I consider myself an advocate of such alternatives and the present COVID-19 plague offers a good opportunity to make a case.

Of all the available alternatives to drug and vaccine-based medicine, Energy Medicine seems the most promising. It comes in many shades with fancy names like Vibrational Medicine, Frequency Healing, Electro Medicine, Sound Healing, etc. Regardless of differences in terminology, they are essentially the same. They share a common working principle and template based on Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

Nikola Tesla readily comes to mind. He is quoted to have said:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla is right and I intend to demonstrate his thesis with regards to the working principle of drugs. Fundamentally, the mechanism of action of any drug is based on energy, frequency, and vibration. This is irrespective of what is stated for any particular drug in terms of the biochemical model. Also, I am promoting the Energy-Frequency-Vibration (EFV) model of developing therapeutic modalities that are not chemical-based. Instead of chemicals, the medium for delivering medicinal effects will be electromagnetic waves.

Everything I’m about to present has scientific backing and the simplicity of my submission gives no room for it to be rebuffed as pseudoscience. I make no extraordinary claims at this point. As well, I won’t wave my right of assertion as an academically trained physicist with vast experience in audio engineering, sound design, and musicology. I am confident that I have what it takes to attempt a project of this nature.

My Research Summary And Results

Concerning COVID-19, I have been collecting bioinformatics data since December 2019. With these, I have done several calculations involving the Energy equations of Quantum Physics. Virus particles or virions are quantum entities. As such, they display wave-particle duality and obey the laws of Quantum Mechanics. The calculations were aimed at establishing Energy, Frequency and Vibrational relationships between SARS-CoV-2 and the potential therapeutic drugs.

I have analyzed the Genome sequence of the original Wuhan-virus, the genome sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus obtained from the first COVID-19 patient quarantined in my home country. In addition, I examined the bioinformatics of the two major enzymes responsible for the replication and transcription of the virus in infected humans – the RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp) and the Protease. Also included in my analyses are some of the drugs that have received pre-trial approval for treating COVID-19. These are: Remdesivir, Chloroquine, Indinavir, Indinavir Hydrate, Lopinavir and Favipiravir.

The outcome of my analyses shows, for sure, that there are coherent Frequency and Vibrational connections between all the factors I evaluated. This relationship became very obvious when I applied the Octave rule and translated the frequencies into their equivalents within the 12-band chromatic scale of western musicology. The equal-tempered chromatic scale simulates quantization within the audible sound range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A very striking observation was that the frequencies of the protein enzymes (Polymerase and Protease) which aid replication and transcription of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has a unique harmonic relationship, musically speaking. One was a perfect fifth of the other. Wondering if that was mere coincidence, I decided to check for a similar musical relationship between the Polymerase and Protease of another well-known virus. The easy pick was HIV-1 virus and when I ran my frequency calculations, the same harmonic relationship showed up between HIV-1 polymerase and protease.

The most pleasant surprise came when I translated the frequency values I got for the potential COVID-19 drugs (Remdesivir, Chloroquine, Indinavir, Indinavir Hydrate, Lopinavir, and Favipiravir) into their octave equivalents within the quantized chromatic scale. I found that every one of these drug frequencies matched the frequency of the protease. The only exception was the frequency of Remdesivir, which matched the natural frequency of SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 virion.

Potential Therapeutic Drugs And The Common Mechanism Of Action

In virtually every case of viral infection, therapeutic interventions are based on the inhibition of the protein enzymes co-opted by the virus to facilitate its replication and transcription. The logic is simple – stop the virus from multiplying and give the body’s defense mechanism a better chance at eliminating the then contained pathogen in good time. All the therapeutic drugs considered in this report work with this principle of inhibition.

At the core of the inhibition process lies a more fundamental working principle which my research shows to be based on Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

To clarify my assertion of a more fundamental working principle that unites the diverse therapeutic routes, let’s look at numbers and figures from my research:

Update: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin are also shown to be effective.  Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is Key B, 978.8Hz. Azithromycin is Key C#, 545.67Hz.  See Mechanisms of Action of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Zinc for the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (A Vibrational Medicine Perspective) for details.

1. SARS-CoV-2 RNA. Genome ID > MN908947. Genome size > 29903 bases. Year of completion > 2020. Derived Audio Frequency > 877.6Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A

2. POLYMERASE: RdRp, (non-structural protein) nsp12. Molar mass > 110kDa. Derived Audio Frequency > 626.1Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key D#/Eb

3. PROTEASE: 3-CLpro ( 3-Chymotrypsin-like protease) C22H43N5O9. Molar mass > 641.712Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 935.0Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A#/Bb

4. INDINAVIR, C36H49N5O4. Antiviral drug that works as a protease inhibitor to treat HIV/AIDS. Molar mass > 613.8Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 894.4Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A#/Bb

5. FAVIPIRAVIR, C5H4FN3O2. Antiviral drug that selectively inhibited the RdRp of Influenza virus. Molar mass > 157.1Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 915.6Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A#/Bb

6. LOPINAVIR, C74H96N10O10S2. Antiviral drug. Works as a protease inhibitor for HIV-1. Molar mass > 1349.7Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 916.2Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A#/Bb

7. CHLOROQUINE, C18H26ClN3. Antimalarial drug. Molar mass > 319.872Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 932.2Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A#/Bb

8. REMDESIVIR, C27H35N6O8P. The antiviral drug initially developed for the treatment of Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus infection. Also quoted to potentially inhibit RNA-dependent RNA polymerases, (RdRps). Molar mass > 602.585Da. Derived Audio Frequency > 878.0Hz. Quantized Audio Bandwidth > Key A

The Pattern

By matching the frequencies/quantized audio bandwidth of the drugs to those of the virus and its enzyme proteins, an interesting pattern emerges. One could see why and how these drugs, discounting their side-effects, might be effective against COVID-19.

With the exception of Remdesivir, the frequency of all the drugs I analyzed fall within the quantized bandwidth of Key A#/Bb. This matches the bandwidth of the virus’ Protease. Therefore, the mechanism of action of these drugs will have more to do with protease inhibition, irrespective of the target they were originally developed for.

None of the drugs I analyzed matched the Polymerase in frequency or quantized bandwidth. So, we proceed to the star of the pack, Remdesivir

For REMDESIVIR, there was a match between its frequency/quantized bandwidth and that of the COVID-19 virion. Both fall within the bandwidth of Key A. On the basis of this frequency/bandwidth affinity, I suppose that the effectiveness of Remdedivir against COVID-19 lies with its direct interaction with the SARS-CoV-2 RNA.

Interestingly, the manufacturers of Remdesivir, Gilead Sciences, are not so sure, at this time, how the drug works against COVID-19. Here’s a closing statement from their website about Remdesivir:

This is an experimental medicine that has only been used in a small number of patients with COVID-19 to date, so Gilead does not have an appropriately robust understanding of the effect of this drug to warrant broad use at this time.


That’s from the horse’s mouth. Gilead does not have an appropriately robust understanding of the effect of the drug. Nonetheless, the drug is in use and so far, there’s no report of failure. I can confidently predict, based on my research, that Remdesivir will perform very well against COVID-19. Still, I cannot vouch for its safety of use with regards to harmful side-effects.

According to Wikipedia:

Remdesivir is a prodrug that metabolizes into its active form GS-441524. GS-441524 is an adenosine nucleotide analog that confuses viral RNA polymerase and evades proofreading by viral exoribonuclease (ExoN), causing a decrease in viral RNA production. It was unknown whether it terminates RNA chains or causes mutations in them

The mechanism of action described by Wikipedia is more of a conjecture. I can say, in advance, that it will eventually be dropped for a more appropriate explanation.

The Energy-Frequency-Vibration (EFV) Model

Viewed from the paradigm of Energy, Frequency and Vibration, it is evident that the action of Remdesivir against SARS-CoV-2 results from the affinity between its vibrational frequency and that of the virus particle. Likewise, the effects of the other drugs evaluated here can be interpreted satisfactorily in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.

As an example, the mechanism of action of Remdesivir can be explained by the principle of RESONANCE. The drug molecules sets up a vibration at its natural frequency. This vibration induces resonance in the virus molecule since both molecules have the same natural frequency. As a result of induced resonance vibration, the virus molecule self-amplifies. If the induced resonance and amplification is sustained, the energy generated within the virus molecule pushes towards a fatal threshold. Beyond this threshold, the chemical bonds of the virus molecule are broken leading to the inactivation of the virus molecule.

The same phenomenon of induced resonance explains the inhibition effect of the remaining drugs under study. Resonance, therefore, is the mechanism of action of all these therapeutic compounds. And resonance is a function of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Scientific evidence supports the application of resonance in breaking of chemical bonds and inactivation of Chromosome DNA and RNA molecules.

The EFV Alternative To Drugs And Vaccines?

Each of the drugs (Chloroquine, Indinavir, Lopinavir, Favipiravir) analyzed here are made from unique combinations of elements. Although they all are potential treatment agents for COVID-19, no two of them are the same in composition. This clearly shows that the drugs’ effectiveness is dependent on a factor other than elemental composition. This secondary factor, which I have shown to be the natural/resonant frequency of the drugs, is the common working principle. In other words, the drugs have effects on the virus mainly because they vibrate at a certain frequency.

The most fundamental consideration in developing therapeutic agents is the frequency of vibration.

Ikwan Onkha

The interactions between therapeutic agents and pathogens happen at quantum levels. At this level, the wave-particle duality holds sway. Hence, a therapeutic agent could either be a particle, like the chemical compounds used in drugs, or a wave signal. What’s most important is that the vibrational frequency of the agent matches that of its target pathogen or allied systems.

With the proposed EFV model, a chemical agent is adequately replaced by an electromagnetic wave signal. The wave signal, having the required frequency, is applied to the human body instead of injecting chemicals.

The advantages of the EFV alternative to biochemical drugs are obvious. For one, it is safer. Sound, light and non-ionizing electromagnetic waves, which form the bulk of EFV agents, are generally safer than chemicals. No need to worry about the known and unknown harmful side-effects as is the case with biochemical drugs. Secondly, the EFV alternative is more sustainable, given the ease with which a wave signal of any frequency could be generated. With the advantage of sustainability comes the possibility of the much-needed democratization of healthcare. The ease of development and deployment will also greatly reduce response time in crisis situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

From Theory to Practice

Like I stated earlier, therapeutic interventions in cases of viral infections are based on the inhibition of the protein enzymes co-opted by the virus to facilitate its replication and transcription. In some cases, the virus is directly targeted for inactivation through various means. It is much the same with the Energy-Frequency-Vibration alternative I am promoting here. The difference will be in the substitution of parlance to suit my preferred model. We must bear in mind that models are like maps. It is very possible to have different maps with diverse routes, all leading to the same destination. A preferred model is not the same as the desired outcome, just as a map is never a destination.

In the biochemical model of treating COVID-19, drugs ( chemical compounds ) are used to inhibit the polymerase and protease enzymes. These protein enzymes along with the virus particle have unique vibrational frequencies. In the EFV model, focus is mainly on these three frequencies which, indeed, are the resonant frequencies of the virus. Our aim is to set up resonant vibrations at these frequencies. The resonance vibrations will cause the energy of the virus particle to fatally self amplify and inactivate. I have already touched on this all important process of RESONANCE earlier in this article. You might want to scroll up and refresh.

The next logical question will be: how do we apply the resonance stimuli to the human body? In the biochemical model, this is done by ingesting or injecting drugs and vaccines into the body. As I demonstrated earlier, these drugs are composed of chemical molecules and compounds that vibrate at the required resonant frequencies.

With the EFV model, the external resonant impulse is applied via rhythmic stimulation of sense organs. Three sense organs are mainly used for this purpose – the ear for auditory stimulation, the eye for visual stimulation, and the skin for tactile or somatosensory stimulation.

Mechanism of Action of the EFV Model

When a rhythmic stimulus of a given frequency is presented to the brain via a sensory organ, the rhythm of the stimulus is reproduced in the brain as electrical impulses. The brainwave pattern gradually synchronizes with the frequency of the stimulus. This is referred to as Frequency Following Response, FFR, and results in a phenomenon known as BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT.

The brain’s electrical reaction to rhythmic stimulation gives rise to an electrical potential in the specific frequency of the stimulus. This electrical potential, known as EVOKED POTENTIAL or EVOKED RESPONSE, is propagated via the central nervous system, CNS, and the peripheral nervous system, PNS to every part of the human organism.

The CNS is innately intelligent in maintaining vibrational homeostasis within the organism. Thus, it is capable of directing the frequency-specific electrical potential to the virus-infected cells – where it is needed. The frequency affinity between the incident electrical potential and the parasitic virus sets up the required RESONANCE vibration. And if sustained, the resonance vibration will result in the inactivation of the virus as earlier explained.

The End of COVID-19

I have designed three sound samples for auditory stimulation, based on the three target resonant frequencies. Each of these samples is a composite of ten pure sinusoidal tones. All ten tones are octave related and fall within the audio range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The actual values, in Hertz, for the resonant frequencies, are higher than the audible range. But, I comfortably employed their audible octaves because of the law of Octaves. In dealing with sound, and any electromagnetic wave, frequency-wise, an octave can be used to the same effect as the frequency itself.

To enhance brainwave entrainment, each of the composite auditory stimulus sounds is pulsed into isochronic beats. The frequency of the isochronic beat is a much lower octave of the target resonant frequency. I chose the delta brainwave region.

These isochronic sounds are tuned to the resonant frequencies associated with SARS-CoV-2 Genome ID: MN908947, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Listening to these sounds will ENTRAIN the brain and cause it to produce a SENSORY EVOKED RESPONSE, which is an electrical potential mimicking the frequency of this sound stimulus. This electrical potential is propagated through the central nervous system, CNS, and the peripheral nervous system, PNS, to every cell in the human organism. Should there be SARS-CoV-2 in the body system, as is the case with COVID-19 victims, the virus will VIBRATE in RESONANCE with the incident frequency. Such resonance vibration causes the virus particle to uncontrollably absorb energy to a point where it’s chemical bonds are broken and the virus inactivated.


Make sure you are well hydrated before listening to any of the sounds. Listen to each 7 minutes track, 3 times with 20 minutes intervals. That means you’d spend approximately 61 minutes on each track. Please adhere to this instruction, especially for first-time use. It is preferable to listen to headphones but not compulsory. When you are done with the first track, give yourself a few hours before listening to the second track. You don’t need to listen to all the tracks in one stretch. If you are not infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the sounds will target other pathogens with resonant frequencies close to that of SAR-CoV-2. There are no significant side-effects except for slight fatigue, which usually occurs when a large number of parasites, bacteria and viruses are killed in the body.

COVID-19 RNA Inactivator

COVID-19 Polymerase Inhibitor

COVID-19 Protease Inhibitor

Updated Sound Files

The sound file contains the three frequencies previously released plus two other frequencies which I created following the latest information about SARS-CoV-2 genomics and potential proteomic therapeutic targets.

All five frequencies play once. But instead of having 5 minutes interval of silence between the frequencies, I inserted a musical composition which I recently produced using a musical equivalent of the frequencies I obtained from computational proteomic analysis of the genes associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virion. The harmony of this musical composition, according to my hypothesis, will further help to reduce the chaotic and Inflammatory activity of the virus by entraining the vibrational expression of the associated genes/proteins. Also see Using Sound Resonance and Vibrational Frequencies to Target the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 for details.


1. The patient will listen to the 57:22 minutes sound file at least once a day for at least 5 days.

2. Since the therapy is non-invasive and well-tolerated by most users, it's okay for patients to more than three times a day if they choose to do so.

3. The musical composition can be listened to as many times as possible, just like any other musical piece


Corona musical composition

Beyond COVID-19

Not minding the gloomy prospects presented by a section of global media, humanity will certainly win the fight against COVID-19. It is not the first time we have had to deal with such an obnoxious pathogen as the SARS-CoV-2. And there’s no guarantee this would be the last. All that is needed is to maximize the potential of every available option in readiness for whatever tomorrow brings. One of such options, and a promising one at that, is the EFV alternative to drugs and vaccines.

We can help you with Covid-19, but we also need your help to spread the word about the possible free treatment using frequencies and vibrations. Please help us to spread the word. Thanks in advance.


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