Vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19: Challenges and Possibilities (Risks of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement ADE and Cytokine Storm)

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News about clinical trials for a vaccine for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 has caused optimism.  However, I was shocked to learn that several insider scientists recently revealed, from a reliable source, that a vaccine might not be the solution for the novel coronavirus Covid-19 because of the antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) phenomenon specific to the novel coronavirus.

In short, if the antibodies from a vaccine do not bind the virus exactly and in turn neutralize the virus, then the virus will duplicate itself much faster through the no-matching antibodies, and perhaps taking advantage of the no-matching antibodies from the vaccine. Because viruses mutate, and that different strains can co-exist in human bodies, antibodies from a vaccine might be counterproductive.

If you do a search on antibody-dependent enhancement, you will see results of scientific studies and an explanation from Wikipedia in more scientific terms, "antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), sometimes less precisely called immune enhancement or disease enhancement, is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to non-neutralizing antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, and sometimes also its replication. This phenomenon—which leads to both increased infectivity and virulence—has been observed with mosquito-borne flaviviruses such as Dengue virus, Yellow fever virus and Zika virus, with HIV, and with coronaviruses."

In other words, if the vaccine does not neutralize the exact type of virus, one's symptoms will be more severe and more deadly when other strains of the same virus, or their mutated form, infect a person.  Thus, ADE can hamper vaccine development, as a vaccine may cause the production of antibodies which, via ADE, worsen the disease the vaccine is designed to protect against. Vaccine candidates for Dengue virus, and feline infectious peritonitis virus (a cat coronavirus) had to be stopped because they elicited ADE.

Viruses that cause antibody-dependent enhancement responses include alphacoronavirus, betacoronavirus, dengue virus, HIV-1 virus, and Covid-19. It also explains why the symptoms of older people infected with SARS and Covid-19 are more severe compared to younger people. It is likely that in older people the production of antibodies is slower and by the time the antibodies are developed in the titer that is sufficient to neutralize the virus, the virus changes its antigenic determinants. In this case, immuno-dominant neutralizing antibodies might start forming unstable complexes with the new form of the virus and start to infect monocytes/macrophages causing ADE. This process can trigger generalized infection of immune cells in multiple organs and cytokine storm.

What if I have already taken the Covid-19 vaccines?

Don't worry.  See Covid-19 Vaccine Detox (Opinion Article: Detox Methods if You Have Covid Vaccine Side Effects)

Alternatives to a Covid-19 Vaccine

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