Homeopathic Medicine and Remedies: Mechanisms of Action and Mysteries Explained

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Many people are puzzled about the mechanisms of action of homeopathic remedies and medicines. They also wonder why homeopathic medicines’ potency is stronger the more dilute they are. In addition, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies and medicines seem to vary depending on individuals and seem to work better in the past. Below are my thoughts.

Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathic practitioners believe that a substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people, in order words, they believe that “like cures like”. Thus, they dilute a specific substance that causes the same symptoms and then place a drop into an inert substance (often sugars, typically lactose), and then allowed to evaporate to make homeopathic pills.

In reality, homeopathic medicine is a form of vibrational medicine, taking the vibrational properties of substances and introducing it to human bodies, so that human bodies can generate “immunity” and responses according to the vibrational “threat” of foreign substances or effects. It is similar to the way that certain plants "feel" the threats of imminent danger, thus respond accordingly, according to certain experiments and researches done by Cleve Backster. In other words, it is not the substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people that would cure similar symptoms in sick people, but the vibrations of such substances that will cause sick people to generate defense systems in the vibrational level of their bodies.

Why the more dilute a homeopathic medication is, the more effective it is?

The more dilute a homeopathic medicine, the less molecules of the substance it has. Remember, the effectiveness of a homeopathy medication lies in the vibrational properties of the substance, not the chemical properties of the substance. In fact, the molecules of the substances may be harmful for one’s physical or physiological body. On the other hand, dilution will not reduce or affect the vibrational properties of the homeopathic medication. Therefore, the more dilute a homeopathic medication, the less potential harmful substances contained in the homeopathic medication, thus the more pure vibrational therapeutic effect it has on a person's vibrational and energy field/body.

The preparation of homeopathic remedies was finally given world exposure at the end of June 1988, when the British bellwether scientific journal Nature published a report its editors said they could not believe.  According to deputy editor Peter New mark, if the results of experiments run by four reputable researchers from France, Canada, Israel, and Italy turn out to be true, "we will have to abandon two centuries of observation and rational thinking about biology because this can't be explained by ordinary physical laws."  The work implied that antibodies in the immune system can function even when the solution they are in is so diluted that no antibody molecules are left in it.  There is no known physical basis for such an action. It would mean that the solution was able to "remember" the presence of the antibody molecules and act as if they were still there. Conducted in seventy separate trials in several different laboratories for a year, with numerous special controls designed to weed out errors and erase the results, the basic experiment held up under various stratagems to prove it wrong. "This is why we feel," wrote Newmark, "that it would be unfair not to publish the report," Particularly objectionable to Newmark was the fact that the experiment tended to symbolically support homeopathy, or what he called "a generally discredited practice of using herbs and oils 'supposedly attuned' to organs in the body, to cure ailments in them, by dilution and vigorous shaking of the remedy." (From "Secrets of the Soil" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.)

Why does it appear that people in the past used to respond to homeopathic medications better than nowadays? And that some people respond to them better than others?

Modernly, more people live in a more toxic environment than in the past. Environmental pollutants such as heavy metals and radiation are more serious nowadays than in the past. People are also more prone to have petrochemical or plastic toxins and viruses in their bodies than before. Heavy metals, petrochemical or plastic substances along with viruses all affect one’s body to respond to the vibrational properties of homeopathic medications. Such substances or issues interfere with the vibrations of homeopathic substances. Therefore, in order to receive the most benefits of homeopathic remedies or medicine, one would need to cleanse one’s body at a physiological level first. One good way to cleanse is through changing diet and applying detoxification methods as recommended by Anthony William, author of Medical Medium. Thus, people who are more cleansed tend to respond better to homeopathic remedies, or vibrational medicines in general.


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