Looking for Digital Picture Processing Programmer (中文:寻求数码相机照片/图像像素处理软件编程人员

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What We Learned So Far...
We are Trying to Find the Algorithm

Purpose: To analyze the density, intensity, brightness, and other aspects of the colors of the pixels in a colored or black and white photo, comparing the area surrounding the body of a human being to the rest of the background or the background without a human being, and assign colors as seen by aura readers according to  the density, intensity, brightness, and other aspects of the colors of the pixels.

Background: It is known that certain people, such as Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere, Michael Kouri, Sean Harribance, can see human energy fields, also known as Auras, with illustrations shown below:

Human Energy Fields (Auras)Human energy bodiesHuman Chakras

Besides looking at a live person, these aura seers are also able to see the colors of the human energy fields from digital pictures, even black and white photos, as Rosalyn Bruyere stated that it was for easier for her to see the colors of the auras from black and white photos compared to colored photos, when she was collaborating with Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA in the 90's.

Prior Art

Currently, Harry Oldfield from the UK developed his New Energy Vision software. After converting colored photos into black and white photos, he assigned arbitrarily different colors based on the gradients of the darkness of the black and white photos, producing the following pictures:

PIP - New Energy Vision - ChakrasPIP - New Energy Vision HeadPIP - New Energy Vision Full Body

However, Harry Oldfield's method of processing the photos does not reflect the true colors of the human energy fields as seen by the aura-seers.  Therefore, it is necessary to design a software that can produce colors as seen by the aura seers.

Programming Procedures:

1. Design a software program or using an existing software program to analyze the background colors surrounding the sample pictures.
2. Analyze the pixel values when the photos are in original colors and when the photos are in black and white.  Focus on the density and intensity of the colored pixels and black and white pixels.
3. As seen on the picture seen by Michael Kouri, the area surrounding my body in the sample picture is seen by him in Kelly Green color.  Please focus on analyzing the differences in pixels in that area compared to the rest of the area.
4. Design a program that focuses on the differences found, so that different variables can be adjusted in order to show colors seen by the aura-seers.

Basis/Interesting Facts:

1. As seen by "Benham's Top Colors" at https://michaelbach.de/ot/col-Benham/index.html when black and white colors rotate or vibrate at a certain high speed or frequency, colors would appear. 

2. Aura seers, if not naturally born with the ability, normally became aware of their ability to see the colors of the auras after a long period of deep meditation (as mentioned by several masters), after spending a long time in the woods when they were young (as described by Barbara Brennan in her book Hands of Light), or after an extreme emotional sadness (as described by several of my personal friends).  These all indicate that their brain waves become slower than before, perhaps in the alpha brain wave stage.

3. It has been shown by experiments that Sean Harribance was able to predict the future or read cards when his brain wave is in alpha wave state.

4. Aura seers can see colors of the auras of a person from black and white photos.

5. It is shown that the colors of the pixels in the same background with a person is different from that of without a person.  Pictures can be seen at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ngu20prpalo4weu/AAC4UgvmnS29TvDaVsxYU96Qa?dl=0 for comparison purposes.


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