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A bestseller in Australia, China (See Sales Ranks in China), Taiwan (
See April/May, 2020 Sales Ranks in Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, currently self-published in the US (a best seller on Amazon) and formally published in selected countries, "Abduction to the 9th Planet" also known as "Thiaoouba Prophecy", as featured on the cover of Nexus Magazine, with renewed interest, is currently trying to find a publisher or an agency in order to reach a broader audience by having it re-published or distributed by a publishing company or a book distribution company.

This non-fiction book by Michel Desmarquet details his nine day journey to Thiaoouba with Thao, an extraterrestrial, who also revealed information such as the purposes of the Great Pyramid and how it was built, the real reasons behind many mysterious disappearances such as those in the Bermuda Triangle, ancient civilizations of earth, etc.

The central theme of the book is that the principal obligation of human beings on earth is to develop our spirituality, and technology should assist in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to confine and enslave us within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway.

Through the author's journey, readers will also learn other interesting topics such as the history of humankind on earth, life on mars, the dangers of nuclear war, the continents of Atlantis and Mu (Lemuria), the statues on Easter Island, telepathy, space travel, clean technology, antigravity, the significance of auras and colors, the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs and noise, the true identity of Jesus Christ, and the true origin and background of Biblical events.

The book has been translated into 15 languages and recently became an instant bestseller in China and Taiwan. Because of the unique content and profound messages contained in the book, many people have written about it online (for example see as well as talking about the book on different Youtube videos (see In addition, they found the content of the book so fascinating and inspiring that Chinese YouTubers voluntarily made videos about the book, further increasing copies sold and the status of a bestseller for the book.

From readers:

This book saved my life
. I was ready to commit suicide... Thank you Michel. Ben W. Brisbane, Australia

The most important book on Earth in the last 1000 years. What we think we "know" on Earth is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge.  Dr. T.J. Chalko, Lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia

Personally, I was very touched by the messages in the book that I wrote about it at . It explains many mysteries and questions that I had since I was young and I believe it would be great if more people  have the opportunity to read it.  Samuel Chong, Los Angeles, USA

About the Author:

Born in Normandy, France in 1931, Michel Desmarquet joined the French army after finishing high school and spent eight years in French Equatorial Africa. After leaving the army, he worked in different jobs, from plantation management and gardening in Africa to various sales jobs in France.
In 1972, he moved to Cairns, Australia, where he built his house and property where his contact with the extraterrestrials took place. After spending 29 years on the Australian continent and traveling across 5 continents, he lived in Asia, before passing away on July 9, 2018 at the age of 86.

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