Can Jesus Shapeshift? Shape-Shifting Jesus in the Bible (Christ is a Shapeshifter According to Ancient Egyptian Texts): Yes, Jesus Can Shape-shift and Perform Many Other Miracles, and It Was When People Started to Follow Him and Stopped Giving Tithes or Financial Donations to the Temple that the Chief Priests of the Jews Became Angry with Him)

Jesus the ShapeshifterHave you wondered why Jesus Christ didn't perform miracles to escape from His Crucifixion? Since the Bible was compiled, or canonized by a group of priests a few hundred years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, there might be certain important information that was accidentally or intentionally removed. Indeed, "Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem On the Life and the Passion of Christ - A Coptic Apocryphon" by Roelof van den Broek, which translated 1,200-year-old ancient Coptic Egyptian texts from the manuscripts currently remain in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City, reveals certain shocking information below that we might need to take seriously.

1. Jesus Christ could shape shift and that was the reason that Judas used a kiss to indentify Jesus Christ instead of describing him to the priests

Shape-shifting is one of the many miracles that Jesus Christ could perform. According to the text, when the Jews asked Judas to deliver Jesus Christ to them, they questioned Judas: "How shall we arrest him, for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat-colored, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man, sometimes his hair is straight and black, sometimes it is curled, sometimes he is tall, sometimes he is short. In one word, we have never seen him in one and the same appearance." It is for this reason that Judas responded: "Since you said to me: 'We have never seen him in a single shape,' this is the sign which I shall give to those who will follow me: He whom I shall kiss on his mouth and embrace and to whom I shall say: 'Hail rabbi!,' he is your man. Arrest him!"

2. Pilate tried multiple times to prevent Jesus Christ from being crucified and even offered his only son to be killed in Jesus Christ's place. Jesus Christ performed another miracle by becoming incorporeal and showed Pilate that He could have escaped if He wanted to.

In the text, when Jesus Christ was brought to Pilate, Pilate described Jesus as having an appearance that was "frightening like (that of) a royal son."  He then sent Jesus Christ to Herod in Galilee, where Jesus Christ came from, so that Jesus Christ could not be judged "unfairly in a foreign country". Herold, upon receiving a papyrus written by Pilate, instructed Pilate to have "no patience" with Jesus Christ "for one single hour except to put him upon a wooden cross, his face turned to the sun."

Based on a law back then, on every feast, Pilate could release someone from prison whom the people elect. Pilate wanted to release Jesus Christ and have Barabbas crucified instead, but the chief priests persuade the crowd to say that they wanted to release Barabbas instead.

Pilate then kept trying, stating to Jesus Christ, "Truly, I want to release you but I do not know what to do with this rebellious people that wants to kill you." Jesus Christ responded, "My Kingdom is not of this world." Pilate then offered, "when the morning comes and they accuse me because of you, I shall give them the only son I have so that they can kill him in your place." Jesus Christ rejected the offer kindly, and requested Pilate to proceed with the crucifixion. After a night's sleep, Pilate offered again, "when they hold me accountable for you I shall give them my only son so that they can crucify him in your place."

Then, Jesus Christ responded to Pilate, "If I wished I would not come to this moment. Come, sit down and see that I am able to escape." The text then writes, "Pilate, then, looked at Jesus and, behold, he became incorporeal; he did not see him for a long time. After that Jesus came to him again. Pilate fainted but Jesus laid his hand upon him, and he rose and recovered his senses. Jesus said to him: ‘Have you understood that if I wish I can escape?’ Pilate said: ‘Yes, my Lord.’"

3. The reason that the chief priests of the Jews were angry with Jesus Christ was that people followed him instead of bringing tithes or financial donations to the temple.

Have you wondered about the real reasons that the chief priests hated Jesus Christ that much? Yes, it was about money, the financial donations that people no longer gave to the temple at that time because of Jesus Christ.

The text further elaborates, "in that time, the people of the children of Israel gave great gifts to the temple of Jerusalem: many sheep, pigeons and turtle doves, in accordance with the law of Moses, gold, silver and tin, which they gave as tithes for their sins. The sheep and the goats and the turtle doves and the oil and the fine flour were used for burnt offerings. And the whole race of the children of Israel went and gave them in their ignorance, with many other things."

Then, when Jesus Christ appeared, He performed miracles and healed the people who went to see him. "He raised the daughter of Jairus, the head of the synagogue, and the son of the widow at Nain. He healed the son of the royal servant and the son of the centurion. He gave the light to the blind-born man and to the two blind men who sat beside the way. And he healed the paralyzed and the withered man. He threw the legion of demons out of the man: the demons hastened into the swines and the swines rushed into the sea and died. The man was healed and went to his house. He cast seven demons out of Mary Magdalene..." Thus, "great multitudes followed him because of the signs he did. And thus they stopped bringing tithes to the temple, but they all hastened to Jesus and fell down at the feet of Jesus, giving him the gold and the silver and their cloaks which they spread out under his feet, as it is written in the holy Gospels."

"As the crowds saw the signs which Jesus did they began to follow him everywhere, and a large number of people believed. And every one who believed in Jesus stopped going to the synagogue of the Jews and acting according to the law of Moses, and they no longer gave tithes because they saw the works of the Lord."

"When, then, the chief priests saw their own shortage and the dissolution of their synagogue, the chief priests and the teachers of the law said: ‘Let us rise and go to the rulers and the chiefs of the people and let us speak to their hearts because of the son of that carpenter, for he is the man who has destroyed the synagogue," because  "the crowds have stopped going to the temple; they have rejected our law and have begun to follow the son of the carpenter."

Jesus Christ's Shape-Shifting (Transfiguration or Metamorphosis) in the Gospels, the New Testament of the Bible

There are verses in the Gospels that describe Jesus Christ's shapeshifting, using words such as transfiguration or metamorphosis. In Mark 9:2-3, it writes, "After six days, Jesus took with him Peter and James and John, and led them up a high mountain apart, by themselves. And he metamorphosed before them, and his clothes became dazzling white, such as no fuller on earth could bleach them. ."

In Matthew 17:1-2, it writes "After six days, Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John, and led them up a high mountain, by themselves. And he metamorphosed before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white."

In Luke 9:29, it writes, "And while he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white."

In Luke 4:29-30, it describes that Jesus made a miraculous escape, "They got up, drove him out of the town, and led him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they might hurl him off the cliff. But he passed through the midst of them and went on his way."

The above facts and verses corroborates with the description of "Thiaoouba Prophecy", which states that Jesus Christ indeed could change shape, his kingdom is "not of this world", and that money is the root of all evils. See additional information at Thiaoouba Prophecy Made Me Believe More in Jesus Christ and Story of Jesus Christ

¿Puede Jesús cambiar de forma? Jesús cambia de forma en la Biblia (Cristo es un cambiador de forma según los antiguos textos egipcios): Sí, Jesús puede cambiar de forma y realizar muchos otros milagros, y fue cuando la gente comenzó a seguirlo y dejó de dar diezmos o donaciones financieras al templo que los principales sacerdotes de los judíos se enojaron con él)