《海奥华预言》所涉及的话题- Topics Mentioned in the Book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

以下是《海奥华预言》一书中所涉及的话题。Below are the topics mentioned in the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

中文 English
平行宇宙 Parallel universe universo paralelo
百慕大三角 百慕达三角 Bermuda Triangle el Triángulo de las Bermudas
神秘的失踪(失踪411) Strange disappearances (Missing 411) Desapariciones extrañas: Missing 411
查尔斯•阿什莫尔(Charles Ashmore)的失踪 The disappearance of Charles Ashmore La misteriosa desaparición de Charles Ashmore
辉光 气场 人体能量场 Aura / Human Energy Field
心灵感应 心电感应 Telepathy
反重力 Anti-gravity
蓝光对细菌的影响(抗菌) Effect of blue light on bacteria (Anti-bacteria)
光疗/色彩疗法 见彩疗服色彩频率与按摩疗法 Light/Color therapy/Chromotherapy. See Color Therapy Clothing, Color Vibration with Massage Therapy
悬浮(人和托盘) Levitation (person and trays)
吗哪 Manna
数字9的特殊性 The significance of the number 9
反物质枪 Anti-matter guns
渡渡鸟 Dodos (birds)
迪诺尼斯 Dinornis
Xanthorrhoea和袋鼠 Xanthorrhoea and Kangaroos
转世轮回 Reincarnation
疗愈/气功 Healing by lay of hands
小行星坠落到了红海,帝汶海和加拉帕戈斯群岛 Asteroids hit Red Sea, Timor Sea, and the Galapagos Islands
陆地下的气带 Gaseous belts below the continents
大洪水 The Great Deluge
格陵兰岛的太空飞船 Spaceship in Greenland
灵体 星光体 Astral body
法蒂玛圣女显现事件(一种幻觉) Virgin of Fatima (carefully controlled suggestion - an illusion)
纳卡尔Naacal Naacal
宇宙起源:大爆炸 The Big Bang Theory
宇宙射线->宇宙卵(核) Cosmic rays -> Cosmic eggs (The core)
血液振动(严禁输血) Vibrations in blood (prohibition of transfusion)
空气生水技术 Air to water technology
复活节岛巨石像 Easter Island statues
画中圣人的光环 Halos in paintings of saints
物质主义的危险 Danger of materialism
创造者通过物质世界寻求精神体验 The creator sought spiritual experiences through a material world
濒死经历 Near death experiences
Dreams - Night brings counsel
天堂 Paradise
噪音的危险 The danger of noise
颜色的实验 Experiments on colors
姆大陆/文明 Lemuria/Mu
月球-捕获 Moon (Aliens on the Moon) la Luna (Extraterrestres en la Luna)- Captured
火星生命 Life on Mars
超声波振动系统切割石头 Ultrasonic vibratory system to cut the stones
金字塔(工具,能量中心) Pyramids (purposes as a tool and an energy center)
天气控制-人工降雨 Weather control - making rains
禁果-Laikoti The forbidden fruit - Laikoti
蒂亚卡诺-的喀喀湖附近 Thiacuano - near Lake Titicaca
时间机器,时间旅行,灵球 - 阿卡西记录 Time machine, Time Travel,Psychosphere - Akashic records
食物–定时释放卡路里 Foods – calories released at regular intervals
德国–外星人干预以导致延迟原子弹的使用 Germany – Atomic bomb invention delay due to the intervention by ETs
自由意志 Free will
外太空针的消失(West Ford项目) Disappearances of the needles in outer space (Project West Ford)
水燃料汽车/氢发动机 Water fueled car / hydrogen engine
仇恨和暴力永远无法解决问题 Hate and violence are never a solution
正面新闻报导对改善心理健康的重要性 The importance of Good news that improve the psyche
毒品的危险 Dangers of drugs
肉体是提高精神修养的工具 Physical body as a tool for continuous spiritual refinement
埃及托斯 Toth of Egypt
Athnaton法老(中毒而死) Pharaoh Athnaton (poisoned)
犹太人的历史 History of Jewish people
所多玛与摩摩罗 Sodom and Gomorrah
公元325年的尼斯议会 Council of Nicein AD 325 (First Council of Nicaea)
公元381年的君士坦丁堡议会 Council of Constantinople in AD 381 (First Council of Constantinople)
公元431年的以弗所议会 Council of Ephese in AD 431(Council of Ephesus)
公元451年的迦克墩公会议 Council of Chalcedoine in AD 451 (Council of Chalcedon)
摩西的故事 Story of Moses
似曾相识 De javu
出埃及记–芦苇海和其他事实 Exodus – Sea of Reeds and other facts
耶稣的故事 耶稣变身耶穌變身 The story of Jesus, Shape-shifting Jesus, Jesús cambia de forma
隐身/变透明 Invisibility / transparent
宇宙射线–生物的创造 Cosmic ray – creation of living creatures
遗忘之河 孟婆汤 River of Oblivion
在日本新乡市的耶稣坟墓 Tomb of Jesus in Shingo, Japan
爱与灵性 Love and spirituality
自杀 Suicide
金钱 “骆驼穿过针的眼,比财主进神的国还容易呢” Money - “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Paradise”
神的国就在你们心里–从内心中寻找答案 The Kingdom of God is within you – Look inside for answers
恐龙灭绝 恐龍滅絕 Extinction of dinosaurs
小灰人外星人 小灰人外星人 Grey Aliens
占星术 Astrology
人皆生而平等 - 己所不欲,勿施于人 All Men Are Created Equal, and Do to Others as You Would Have Them Do To You
Ghosts Los fantasmas

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