Reverend Michael JS Carter
Author of Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible

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Sermon Titles by Reverend Michael JS Carter

Going Against The Grain
The true measure of an individual is not how he or she handles life when things are comfortable and convenient, but how we handle life when situations and events require our commitment and sacrifice. It takes courage to stand up for what is right. It takes courage to live life while going against the grain.

How Do I Love Thee?
Love is “the mother of all emotions”. Join me in exploring the many ways our culture engages with the emotion we call love. Through the use of poetry, philosophy, biblical scripture, and personal experience, we will explore the human capacity to experience the love of a spouse, a friend, our neighbor, and most importantly, the love of self.

Whom Do You Say that I Am?
While standing in the checkout line in Ingles one Sunday morning to purchase a cup of coffee for my wife, a woman noticed my Union Theological Seminary sweatshirt. She then proceeded to grill me on my relationship with the Jesus in whom she believed! After a tense but brief exchange, I left the store thinking about the many interpretations our culture and local community have about this man. This sermon is a result of that conversation. the title is taken from the question Jesus posed to his disciples during the last week of his life as they journeyed to Jerusalem and his impending death.

The “G” Word
Many of us have been scarred by our religion of origin and the way we were indoctrinated, especially if we were raised in the Christian faith here in the West. Many Unitarians have chosen to leave the religion of their youth to explore other ways and means of worship. Yet some of us have been so scarred and battered emotionally and spiritually that we bristle at any use or mention of the word “GOD”. Have we thrown our the baby with the bathwater? I say yes.

The Road Less Traveled (with The Rev. Judith O. Long)
Judy and I share our personal spiritual journeys and how we arrived at the places we have journeyed to thus far on the way, and what it means to be fully human. The title is taken from the poem by Robert Frost.

Unitarians and Christianity: What Are We Afraid Of?
Malcolm X once said that you can’t hate the roots without hating the tree. We trip over ourselves to acknowledge and celebrate other religions and ways of being, but shun away from our own roots. Let’s explore the Christian roots of our denomination and what makes us so afraid of the word Christian.

A Mother’s Day Sermon
Just some reflections on womanhood (from a heterosexual man of color perspective) and what motherhood means.