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Court Interpreter Exam Preparation Class

This ongoing weekly class prepares students to take the California Court Interpreter Exam, also known as the CA Court Bilingual Exam.  Please click California Court Interpreter Exam Preparation Class for more details

Climate Change

Climate change is happening with an increase in temperature than historical averages. A significant amount of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated by coal-fired power plants and vehicles. To slow global warming cut these emissions from China and the United States. Renewable energy sources – solar, wind, geothermal, and others – could supplant a major portion of the planet's electricity generated from coal.

Here, ChinaSona Foundation provides information with the newest energy saving technologies as well as information on products that produce or use renewable energies.  It is for the benefit of public to know about them and apply them for the benefit of countering the current inconvenient truth.

Global Health

Heart disease (心脏病), cancer (癌症), diabetes, autism (自闭症), insomnia (失眠症) and others rank a few of the top 10 deadliest diseases in the world.  While many other non-profit organizations focus on finding ways of treating or curing these diseases through conventional treatments, we focus on alternative medicine and alternative treatments.  We shall provide credible information to you for reference only (in case when conventional medicines are not available), not as a medical advice.

Agricultural Advancement

Agriculture development in the world is facing two issues.  One, most of the farmers in the world earn less than $1 per day.  Two, we are facing a potential food supply.  Here, through the helps of Google's technologies such as Google Earth, and Google Mobile,  we aim to provide information to farmers in poor countries information on how to improve their productivity as well as information on how to improve their economic well-being.

Disaster Relief

When natural disasters occur, we help to raise money and provide financial assistance and materials to those who are in need.  Most of our relieves will be given to women and children.  We accept donations online.  Please contact us for more information.

Promotion of Web Accessibility

We promote web accessibility by providing articles and translation of articles for people with disabilities.